My First (failed) Startup

January 08, 2017


2 min read


It only takes a glance at the forums, reddit, Hacker News, to see that the consensus on the best way to learn programming is by doing some projects. You know it's true, you'll never amount to anything without building something first, that's how you learn by hitting yourself against a wall, but when you want to do a project and realize that you also have to read 100 pages of documentation just to set up a server. It's easy to see why you haven't done anything in the last month.

I was on the boat of not knowing what to do. Yeah I just did this course which showed me how to create a calculator on Python. How the fuck do I build a to-do list? I'd learn all there is about Python before attempting something, because you know, best practices. Nope.

My first production site was an HTML site hosted on I don't know where with a free '.tk' domain. I got tricked into typing my password in a phishing site for a game called Habbo hotel and decided to get even. So 10 year old me built a site with a nice background image and a form. In my defense this was not illegal in my jurisdiction and the <FORM> POST method never worked (wonder why?). I was doing serverless before it was cool. Deal with it.

Then at 14 I got into some online marketing newsletters hoping to make big bucks selling things on the internet. You know where I'm going with this, yeah I was not a bright kid, buy this $49.99 course and earn THOUSANDS of dollars per month! Just hear the testimonies! Wow! I'm going to be loaded!. That's one of the moments of my life where I was grateful for being a cheap broke teenager who couldn't afford the courses.

But you know what? The two 'guru's I followed had referral programs and If they were selling that much then I could earn commission by redirecting people to their sites. Amazing idea! Download Dreamweaver, get a free HTML template off the internet, change some text, buy a domain ( literal translation Oh my god I was so smart, just think about the SEO of that domain and it was only 10 bucks.

That's how I made my first million. Yeah right, of course I didn't sell a penny. I'm glad I made no one waste their money on those stupid 'Online Marketing' and 'FOREX Trading Secrets'.

Fast forward a couple of years I stumble into an MITx course called Introduction to Computer Science using Python. Can't recommend it enough, just amazing. I discovered my joy for programming and I just took it from there. Learned web development after that and got jobs in the most random ways possible. But that's a story for another blog.